How often do you lose track of your
leads & contacts?

Often? You are not alone! Because in the long run, we all get held up with our own responsibilities which we prioritize more, side-tracking our follow-up dates and adding customer data and the list goes on! The dreadful after-effects of incomplete sales records isn’t new to any of us.

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Do you know that 45% of your prospects are in search of you right now?

With the same old outdated spreadsheets you still use, how do intend to know or keep track of the best times to reach your customer? Right in the middle of a meeting, or right when he has ended a fight with his wife, or just when she is about to board a flight would be when you call to explain about how great your company is! And as usual, you a piece of their head as well! Do you know what goes in as the key ingredient when making the sales portion of any CRM for small and medium business? Keeping track of all your customers, with a well-updated time schedule to make calls wisely! Save time intelligently and make efforts wisely.

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Why Ziwid is the best prospecting platform for your business?

Track and manages customer information real-time.

Capture sales activity automatically and keep connect your entire team from any device.

Intelligently captures customer emails

Eliminate manual tasks so you can concentrate on leads.

Delivers instant insights and recommendations.

Extend and customize services as your business grows