Powering sales through
Artificial Intelligence

A lot of business interactions are happening day by day. Prospects are often missed or forgotten. The overloaded brains and shifting employees makes relationships strain. People you've forgotten really exist and they are the bread and butter of your business. Now care of them like you never had.


Often? you are not alone! because in the long run, we all get held up with our own responsibilities which we prioritize more, side-tracking our follow-up dates and adding customer data and the list goes on! the dreadful after-effects of incomplete sales records isn’t new to any of us

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With the same old outdated spreadsheets you still use, how do intend to know or keep track of the best times to reach your customer? Right in the middle of a meeting, or right when he has ended a fight with his wife, or just when she is about to board a flight would be when you call to explain about how great your company is! And as usual, you a piece of their head as well! Do you know what goes in as the key ingredient when making the sales portion of any CRM for small and medium business? Keeping track of all your customers, with a well-updated time schedule to make calls wisely! Save time intelligently and make efforts wisely.

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Why ziwid is the best prospecting platform for your business?


Find companies, contacts and start prospecting. Ziwid automatically populates actionable data like company info, phone number etc. So your team can be more productive.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is built into the core. Ziwid makes sure you don't miss out on any prospect that comes into your system. Ziwid reminds you at a regular interval.


Know what's happening with your prospects, every interaction is captured and logged. Ziwid captures all emails, messages and calls made to your prospects.

Integrated payment getaways

Collecting payments is super easy. Send auto-generated payment link to collect payments from your prospects. Collect payments from 200+ countries.

Automated business reports

Delivers automated reports that help you make business critical decisions. Customize and schedule automated reports.

Pipeline Management

All your prospects in one place. Clear and visual interface to keep track on your prospects.

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How Ziwid caters modern day B2B selling

How Ziwid caters modern day B2B selling

Business to business selling has evolved a lot with technology. Gone are the days of one/group of decision makers who will draw the curtains down for sales process. Leads are piling up and sales persons need to show them the right way and get deals done much faster. Hence, stakeholders need to share...

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Explore Ziwid: Elevating CRM to the next level

Explore Ziwid: Elevating CRM to the next level

Everyone agrees to the idea on how important it is to manage the sales team to achieve growth in business. As time passed by with technology redefining the perspectives of mankind, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has equally gained significance, in fact a touch above other factors that boost...

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Forecast of artificial intelligence in sales

Forecast of artificial intelligence in sales

Success in sales is all about knowing the customer. The more you know about the individual to whom you are presenting your product or service, the more you are likely to incur success. Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings, says Zig Ziglar, American salesman and author. Rightly so, rather th...

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The wisdom of knowing artificial intelligence in sales

The wisdom of knowing artificial intelligence in s...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained wide acceptance in our day to day life. It has peeped into literally all walks of life to simplify our process and to bring more convenience to our lives. Time has reached at a stage where no one can escape from AI. Just like it has boosted all other domains,...

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