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  • How Ziwid caters modern day B2B selling

    Business to business selling has evolved a lot with technology. Gone are the days of one/group of decision makers who will draw the curtains down for sales process. Leads are piling up and sales persons need to show them the right way and get deals done much faster. Hence, stakeholders need to share the charge of buying and selling to his team, rat...

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  • Ziwid: Enhancing and motivating your sales

    When customers knock at your doors for service, how many are sure of what they want and how many seek your advice on which product or service should be accrued? The latter group holds the majority. The questions that raise in their minds are numerous, as which project should I buy in this location? Why should I prefer this over that, and so on and...

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  • Forecast of artificial intelligence in sales

    Success in sales is all about knowing the customer. The more you know about the individual to whom you are presenting your product or service, the more you are likely to incur success. Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings, says Zig Ziglar, American salesman and author. Rightly so, rather than pitching for the best product which gets you mo...

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