Everyone agrees to the idea on how important it is to manage the sales team to achieve growth in business. As time passed by with technology redefining the perspectives of mankind, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has equally gained significance, in fact a touch above other factors that boost sales. Maybe years before, it can be considered as an option for businesses, but now it has become a quintessential tool.

The events which gives the 'much needed' tag for CRM is evident in our present day. Many of the traditional, old fashioned methods are no more valid and effective. As technology reshaped the functionalities and perspectives of mankind, the way of tendering relationships with clients also evolved. Your team must be developed and instantly updated to follow these changes to raise the bars of the competition.

Why do you need a CRM?

The old ways of doing things are outdated and has made businesses stagnant. The roots of growth are cut down. Your business often sheds its momentum. Your customer database is increasing fast and you cannot compromise on maintaining an effective data warehouse. The need to brainstorm new strategies and implementing them according to the anticipated client behaviour has become the need of the hour.

As an authoritative person, you are supposed to encourage your sales team daily. Besides this, you are also supposed to keep an eye on tracking leads, creating database and monitor them periodically to streamline the sales pipeline and ensure that the long/short term goals are met. Often, handling these multiple roles become difficult and that's where we have stood up to the challenge. Ziwid has developed full fledged tools to withstand the test of time in CRM.

Ziwid; The game changer for you

Ziwid has rolled out new features to take you upfront in CRM. A well-developed dashboard made up of modular blocks that pinpoints separately to all the sales information. The header navigation module has synced mail option, company names, contacts, orders and task buttons. The mail option will show leads distributed over emails to the designated team member. This will easily help you in understanding the team and the precise member involved in the process.

The prospector session is put forth that users can easily search for people and websites. There is no drop down menu. Everything listed is detailed on the header strip for bringing more convenience. The homepage will describe about the sales volume of your company, segregated as sales by product and sales by user. This will help you analyze the point of interest of the clients to anticipate their future trends. This will help you in pinpointing those sales reps who require enhanced training and attention.

The opportunity module towards the right side of the header will reveal various information of sales like money transaction, stage, amount, sales closure and the details of the purchaser. Every order performed will be recorded along with the respective amount and date of the purchase. The task session will remind you about the tasks according to the priority levels to be completed. All these facilities will collect and accumulate your business details to frame the most effective CRM techniques in the immediate future.