Success in sales is all about knowing the customer. The more you know about the individual to whom you are presenting your product or service, the more you are likely to incur success. Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings, says Zig Ziglar, American salesman and author. Rightly so, rather than pitching for the best product which gets you more incentives or profit, just know the feelings of the customer and fulfil what they need.

Success depends on how well you tackle the feelings of the customer. However, the issue is how deep are you ready to know your customer? Even if you are ready to do so, what is the process you need to apply? Time has passed by. If you are still embracing to the contemporary methods, you might lose the race. But don't worry, there is a good news developing and evolving around you. It is going to guide you towards success.

Artificial Intelligence or (AI) - I am pretty sure that majority of you are familiar to this term already because AI is around us for quite some time. Now it has gained wide acceptance in the business world. Within a short period of time, every salesperson will be required to have a computing assistant to integrate the sales process, from the very start to the conclusion of sales and even beyond, to make it effective.

One of the concepts closely associated with the evolution of AI is intimate computing. Say for example, a smart watch encircling your wrist. When compared with the alerts given by an ordinary watch, a smartwatch gives you intimate alerts. Similarly, the future sales assistant could be like Jarvis from the famous Iron Man series. You come to your office and instantly start speaking or commanding to the system regarding various aspects of the sales prospects.

These intelligent systems with the assistance of big data will store large number of data, calculate and present market penetrating statistics to boost your business. These statistics might consume months or years (even impossible) for humans to figure out. Here artificial intelligence, you are getting real time solutions and strategies for your business. You are saving time, money and also killing the competitor's chances of kicking your butt!

Now, if we measure the future more deeply, then we can start imagine for Virtual Reality taking a walkthrough through sales process. Can you imagine how vast would be the opportunities in this time period? Sales representatives shall be engaging with customers in VR and redefining intimacy to the next level. It's all about mastering to the available technology and applying it to the maximum benefit.