Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained wide acceptance in our day to day life. It has peeped into literally all walks of life to simplify our process and to bring more convenience to our lives. Time has reached at a stage where no one can escape from AI. Just like it has boosted all other domains, sales also has been benefited widely.

Many of the marketing executives believe that AI is capable of transforming sales. But the application of AI in sales is much lower than it should have been. Of course, I respect all the basics you have churned to take the journey so far. But technology doesn't wait for anyone. It’s a roller coaster ride and it will go on. But we don't want you to lose the momentum in the race.

Yes, believe us. Even AI is not the end. It will sooner or later evolve to something more interesting and prospering. But right now, all we can do is get into and know more about 'the future'. Instead of fearing the cause of your decision, just step on to the stage because success always belongs to those who believe in change and who wish to adapt to the change.

AI is the emerging tech branch that is stretching your business; its flexibility and scalability. And reminding, its not a privilege just for you. Your competitors might have already begun to reap the benefits. So let's keep aside the dilemmas and take a look at what the world of AI can do to your business - the wisdom of knowing AI.

Engage more leads successfully

The process of reaching out, engaging and close monitoring the leads is a time consuming process. Often small scale businesses doesn't feel the heat, but for the medium and large scale enterprises, lead engagement become a tiring process due to their vastness in database. And the outcome? Many good prospects are left out and the whole effort goes in vain.

Rely on AI based sales tools to ensure every lead is monitored closely, that too with all the emotional attributes of human conversations. Not just a single time, reach out as many times you want and as long as you want. Hence, the efforts of sales persons will be minimized. Instead of chasing down the leads, your salesforce can thereby focus on closing more deals.

Testimonials are always more convincing rather than talking. The Apple's Siri and Facebook's Face Recognition is far enough for us understand how wonderful is Artificial Intelligence. Couple this with some advanced applications like Machine Learning, which uses algorithms to derive valuable insights and conclusions from database, you are about to make miracles happen!

Identifying prospects

Mostly regarded as the main pillar of AI, prospect identification process will let you discover targets which are more liable to be converted by your sales team. AI will leverage the process with much ease by analysing the database, filtering them and presenting before you. This reduces the manual labour or your salesforce can apply their time on increasing sales.

Opens opportunities

Who are likely to get you more business for you? Afterall you are not here for service, but to make money. So you need to consider some essential market indices like size of the company, revenue, financial stability, social media presence, sales cycle, annual turnover etc to frame the right approach while handling leads.

Conversion ratio

Statistics have shown that only 30 percent of a company's leads are monitored by salesperson. The rest of the leads are not even touched. Ironically, even from the 30 percent, salespersons are not fully aware of the exact intentions of the leads. Leveraging AI into this matter will significantly reduce the strain and can maximise conversion rates.

Data filtering

Last not the least, remember to filter the collected data and conduct frequent follow ups to maintain effective database. This will maximize your Return on Investments. Data analysts must clean the database and try to maintain only those details which can enhance your sales. Outdated data should not pile up and create obstacles for you.

AI is quite affirmatively the future of sales, but never be late to join the show. Things are happening and it won't be a right decision to be a fencesitter. We are not insisting to become the best performer, but be a performer and keep the game alive!