Business to business selling has evolved a lot with technology. Gone are the days of one/group of decision makers who will draw the curtains down for sales process. Leads are piling up and sales persons need to show them the right way and get deals done much faster. Hence, stakeholders need to share the charge of buying and selling to his team, rather than insisting his/her inclusion in concluding sales.

Surveys have showed an average of 5.4 stakeholders is involved in making purchase decisions. These stakeholders relish diverse portfolios assigned with various functions according to seniority levels, locations and many other characteristics. Hence, for progressive companies, time has arrived to follow the much effective account based selling models, which tends to consider each prospect data as its own market to save more time for stakeholders.

For easing the process of understanding, we present you Ziwid to assist you in succeeding account based selling methodology. With abundance of features and functionalities, Ziwid is the best prospecting platform for seamlessly driving sales and marketing. It’s features will trigger a series of time saving automated tasks that helps sales reps identify which accounts to target and offers prospecting tools to reach them and close more sales.

The platform leverages most modern technology to bring perfect balance in your sales automation and human interaction in winning more sales. By automating tasks, Ziwid will eliminate manual data errors, save time and store the records accurately for better workflow. For simplifying the efforts of sales reps, it will also run multi-channel outbound sales campaigns to turn cold leads to fruitful opportunities.

Features like real time interactions that manages customer informations in real time, better analysis reporting which forecasts sales activities, exclusive Ziwid email inbox which captures prospective mails, integrated payment gateways to eliminate manual tasks for sales reps, reports and inclusive pipeline views to deliver instant indices on performed sales etc. among many others make Ziwid stand out from the rest of sales platforms using artificial intelligence.

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